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Gingival Vascular Hamartoma in a Calf

Elif Doğan, Mahir Kaya, Zafer Okumuş

( Veterinary Sciences and Practices 2013; 8: 153-157)

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A Case of Second Phalanx Fracture and Anonychia in an English Setter Dog

Elif Doğan, Latif Emrah Yanmaz, Zafer Okumuş, Mumin Gokhan Şenocak

( Veterinary Sciences and Practices 2016; 11: 224-227) DOI: 10.17094/avbd.06675

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Comparison the Effect of Different Ratios of Ketamine and Propofol (Ketofol) Admixture on Anesthesia Induction in New Zealand White Rabbits

Latif Emrah Yanmaz, Elif Doğan, Mümin Gökhan Şenocak, Uğur Ersöz, Sıtkıcan Okur

( Veterinary Sciences and Practices 2020; 15: 251-256) DOI: 10.17094/ataunivbd.763496

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